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We have added to our product line list!! Check out the additional components Sound Video has to offer you!

ADDED LINES! Emotiva – Furman – HEOS by Denon- Speakercraft – Sunfire – Theta Digital –

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CES 2015 Highlights – More to COME!

GoldenEars’ Sandy Gross (left) showing the new Triton 5 towers at CES 2015.  The 5s will retail for $1000 each and incorporate crossover updates that are on the Triton 1 flagship speakers.  They go deeper and have more finesse than

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The New Marantz AV-8802, AV-7702 Atmos Comparisons.

Dolby Atmos is HERE!  Are you Ready?   Also introducing… The BRAND NEW Marantz AV-8802! Introducing the Flagship Preamp processor with Atmos by Marantz! Pre-order your Marantz AV-8802 at Sound Video! Retails for $3995.  Email or call me for promo price.  We take

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2-Channel Audio Speaker Placement

For full-range floor-standing speakers, start out with the speakers as far out from the back wall as practical or your “significant other” will abide; remember they have to live there, too!. 2 to 3 feet should be your minimum with

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Differences between Projector and Large Screen Televisions

Space A projector can be mounted on the ceiling or set behind the viewing area on a shelf or table. The screen can be mounted to a wall, recessed into the ceiling or the floor. This leaves much more floor

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Advanced Home Theater Terminology

This post explains the more technical language often used by audiophiles to describe the sonic characteristics of a system. Absolute Phase / Absolute Polarity Refers to the preservation of the initial acoustic waveform all the way through the recording and

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Home Theater Terminology

This post explains the basic terminology of lexicons commonly used to describe Home Theater systems and components. Amplification Increase in signal level, amplitude or magnitude. Amplifier A device which increases the level of signal (by increasing the voltage or current).

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