About Sound Video

Sound Video Inc. has been designing Home Theater and Stereo systems for people who desire quality products since 1997. Whether you are looking to purchase a complete system or a single component, we will have the answers to bring your system to the next level.

We have studied brand synergy, performance and value at many industry shows including the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show (CES), The Montreal Sound & Image Festival, Home Entertainment (Stereophile) in New York City and CEDIA in Indianapolis, as well as numerous regional demonstrations.   If you have ever attended any of these shows, then you’re well aware that only a few select products are worthy of the great reviews found in the various audio & video publications, even though all of them seem to constantly get high marks.

Many of our clients desire high-performance Home Theater and Stereo in a single system.   We will help you understand the various trade-offs and what makes the most sense for both your budget and your preferences. Sound Video Inc. will often accept trade-ins of your current equipment to make the upgrade path easier.

In the event that you reside outside the state of Minnesota and have a larger system, we will fly out to your location to perform the installation.   If you desire, you can fly out to Minnesota where we can perform side-by-side comparisons of multiple products.   Though you may want to reconsider this second option during the “dead of Winter” in January.


Pre-Owned Equipment

Sound Video Inc. maintains an inventory of both pre-owned and demo gear that changes on a weekly basis. Just contact us at sales@soundvideo.com if you’re interested in our current list of these items. In most cases, we can even e-mail you a picture of the product.

Pre-owned and demo items are always priced to move quickly, therefore it’s worthwhile to check in with us on a regular basis.

In the event that you’re in the market for a specific item, don’t hesitate to let us know. This way we can keep our eyes and ears open, with the intention of tracking it down on your behalf.

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