CES 2015 Highlights – More to COME!

20150106_131040 Sandy Gross GoldenEar

GoldenEars’ Sandy Gross (left) showing the new Triton 5 towers at CES 2015.  The 5s will retail for $1000 each and incorporate crossover updates that are on the Triton 1 flagship speakers.  They go deeper and have more finesse than the highly touted Triton 7s.  ETA is late spring 2015!

20150107_113205 Monitor Audio Gold 300s

The new Monitor Audio Gold 300’s in beautiful piano ebony for $2300 retail. The 11 layers of high gloss lacquer is well worth the $100 upcharge. STUNNING! I heard strong sonic improvements over the soon to be discontinued GX Series.
Available late February 2015.

20150107_114123 Bryston Mini T's

Yet another incredible demonstration by Bryston’s Mini T’s! Mr. James Tanner of Bryston is pictured showing his $3,000 retail speakers. They easily mopped up rooms costing tens of thousands more. My highest recommendation.

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