The New Marantz AV-8802, AV-7702 Atmos Comparisons.

Dolby Atmos is HERE!  Are you Ready?  

Also introducing…

The BRAND NEW Marantz AV-8802!

Introducing the Flagship Preamp processor with Atmos by Marantz!Marantz AV-8802
Pre-order your Marantz AV-8802 at Sound Video! Retails for $3995.  Email or call me for promo price.  We take trades!

After looking at all of the design modifications and engineering enhancements, this should of been called this the AV9902.  There were multiple circuits that were reworked by their residential audio guru exclusively for sonic improvements.  I’ve attached a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the differences.  It’s well worth the read. Click on 8802 Cliff notes and board pictures. (A PowerPoint slideshow will be downloaded).

Marantz AV-8802 inside

The all new AV-8802!!

How do you improve upon the world renowned AV8801?
By using trickle down technology from the improved Marantz Reference line; specifically the PM-11S3; Marantz engineers took a second look and dissected every critical component in the unit including the Transformer, the DACs, the HDAMs, the Filter Capacitors and more.

The results? Stunning! The engineers are saying nothing short of jaw dropping.
Based on the several improvements, the AV8802 is quite possibly the best AV Preamp under $10K leaping over boutique brands at a fraction of the price. Whether reproducing a blockbuster movie or the most intricate detail of a classical recording, the AV7702 excels let alone the AV8802. If that wasn’t enough, it is also upgradable to support other exciting pending surround formats as well as the next generation Ultra HD 4K HDMI.
Sound Video is pleased to announce that the new AV8802 will begin shipping in early February. We have more on order than any dealer in the country!  I’m already over 1/2 sold out.  The best trade values are for the early adopters.

AV8802 Key Features:
* 11.2 Channel Preamp with Reference Grade (PM-11S3) Balanced Circuitry
* Dolby Atmos with Audyssey MultEQ XT 32 processing
* Aura 3D Ready (Requires optional paid upgrade – $199)
* Brand new, Fully Discrete Current Feedback HDAM-SA2 Modules
* Brand new Jitter reduction circuitry for all Optical, Coaxial & HDMI inputs
* New Lower Noise Toroidal Power Transformer, derived from the PM-11S3
* New Audiophile Capacitors with twice the reserve as what was in the AV8801
* Brand new 768kHz / 32Bit Digital to Analog Converters – AKM4490
* USB-A with DSD playback
* Full 4K Video Processing. Upgradable to HDCP 2.2 (FREE Hardware upgrade)
* 13.2 channel XLR and RCA
* Three Piece Top Cover with Copper Plated Chassis and new Isolation Feet
* Networking: AirPlay, Pandora, Sirius/XM, Internet Radio & Spotify Connect
* WiFi, Bluetooth, DNLA 1.5

NEWS FLASH: AV7702 Re-worked Analog Outshines the AV8801 Sonic Performance.
Here is an update about how the AV7702 has been received.  A total of 15, AV8801 customers so far have took my advice to get the AV7702. Forget that the price is at $2K list. The re-polished analog section of the AV7702 out shines even the 8801.  Atmos is a bonus.  I’d be happy to supply some names of delighted former 8801 buyers who are delighted AV7702 owners.  Call or email to ask me how Marantz technically did it. See the PowerPoint download by clicking on AV7702 Versus AV8802 Key Internal Pictures.
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